Christopher R. Kristian


Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Chris has been specializing in the planning and analysis of supplemental benefits for the last 22 years.

He has a keen knowledge of the issues that surround supplemental benefit plans, as well as an uncanny understanding of the inner workings of the various insurance products, which allows him the ability to tailor the products to best meet the goals of his clients.

Chris is the designer of Westport’s proprietary High-limit Disability policy, which was the first guaranteed issue multi-life, high-limit policy ever offered for sale in the United States. Chris and his team have developed a number of additional first-of-its-kind product offerings to meet their clients’ needs.

Prior to co-founding The Westport Group, Chris was in private practice, working with executives, corporations and professional athletes.

Chris has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and has presented lectures in the uses of Executive Benefits and Estate Funding to trade and professional groups. He has also been a featured guest on financial talk shows. He has been recognized in Boston Magazine numerous years for his accomplishments in the financial services field.

Chris has also been quoted in national and local publications including the Wall Street Journal, Providence Journal Bulletin, The Atlanta Constitution, and The Denver Post. He has also authored numerous articles on a variety of subjects.

Prior to the financial services industry, Chris had a successful career as a US Army Infantry Officer, serving in some of the Army’s most elite units. The qualities of honesty and integrity that allowed him access to these elite units have provided him with the ability to objectively create appropriate products and strategies for his clients.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Norwich University, School of Mathematics and Science, a Master’s degree from the US Army Command and General Staff College and a Certificate in Leadership and Management from The Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.