How We Protect
Protection for What's Most Valuable

Where Traditional Disability Insurance Ends,
TWG’s Innovation Begins

The Westport Group approaches each new client from a consultative angle. This helps us understand the disability coverage that is currently in place, then identify where there are gaps in protection.

With our custom-tailored solutions, we’re often able to build upon your existing protection program in order to offer an increased level of protection to your top talent.

TWG designs our high-limit coverage, enabling us to protect a higher percentage of compensation – even when compensation is complex.

We know that industry leaders earn more than just a salary and design benefits that consider income and equity compensation

Through experience, TWG knows that a disability may last longer than initially expected. We're proud to offer the highest benefit durations in the industry.

It all adds up to more comprehensive protection.

Today, TWG leads the industry in High-limit Disability compensation protection for industry leaders.

We invented this market and continue to innovate to meet the needs of executives and partners at law firms with flexibility and integrity.

Let’s see TWG in action in the following case studies:

When the partners are truly protected, so are their families and the firm.

See how TWG makes that happen for many of the top U.S. law firms.

Partnership Case Study

It isn’t easy to attract and retain top talent. To do so, you must protect it.

See how TWG’s coverage can protect your C-suite team.

Executive Case Study