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Disability Insurance for Corporations

The problem:

A highly compensated employee or executive in your firm, in the U.S. or abroad, has just become disabled. Her employee benefits plan covers only a portion of her base salary—usually up to 60% of taxable income—but what about her incentive compensation (bonus, stock, and restricted stock)?

The fact is, incentive-based compensation is almost always excluded from employee benefit plans.

Our solution:

No insurance company has ever covered stock options and restricted stock—until now. Through our exclusive corporate Executive Income Assurance Plan® (EIAP®), The Westport Group provides supplemental disability insurance solutions that protect not just base salary—but also bonus, stock options, and restricted stock. And, all disability insurance programs are delivered on a guaranteed-issue basis with no medical underwriting.

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Life Insurance for Corporations

The problem:

Highly compensated employees are constantly working; in fact, a 60-hour workweek can feel like a vacation! Busy executives know their employer provides some life insurance—but, often, they’re not sure for how much. The truth is, the life insurance your executives have is most likely not enough. Most firms don’t provide enough life insurance to preserve a family’s lifestyle or provide for other financial obligations (such as retirement plan contributions, mortgage, and college education funding).

The solution:

Through The Westport Group’s exclusive, affordable multi-life, guaranteed-issue, and guaranteed-acceptance life insurance plans, offered both domestically and internationally, we fill in the gap between the employers’ benefits and what families actually need to not just survive, but thrive, while also providing critical tax savings. Most of our life insurance programs are delivered with no medical underwriting.

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