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Protection means …


Disability Insurance

The problem:

Your employee is a highly compensated executive working in a publicly traded or privately held firm. Sure, he has disability insurance through the firm, but upon becoming disabled, he discovers the hard truth—

The firm simply does not provide sufficient disability insurance to maintain his and his family’s lifestyle.

So, what can he do?

Our solution:

Be prepared. The Westport Group can protect up to $4 million in annual income and can provide coverage up to $250,000 in monthly disability income benefits. With our comprehensive Executive Income Assurance Plan® (EIAP®), we customize supplemental disability insurance solutions for your firm that will protect most, if not all, of your earnings—and we do it all on a guaranteed-issue basis with no medical underwriting.

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Life Insurance

The problem:

Whether a publicly traded or privately held firm, your firm most likely provides highly compensated executives with basic life insurance coverage—but is it enough?

For most highly compensated executives or employees, it simply isn’t—and the risk of financial exposure is high.

So, what can you do?

Our solution:

The Westport Group provides multi-life, guaranteed-issue, and guaranteed-acceptance life insurance offerings that go beyond traditional products—in fact, they can be customized to meet your firm’s unique needs. Through these specially designed products, highly compensated individuals can confidently protect both their families’ lifestyle and their other financial obligations.

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